How do I change the number of hotel rooms?

TRAVO makes it easy to change the number of hotel rooms you want to book, once you’ve already created your itinerary.

Simply navigate to the Lodging tab on the sidebar, and click the large “Change Hotel” button. Clicking the “ Change Hotel” button will take you to the hotel search results page.

Screen_Shot_2017-05-22_at_6.25.02_PM.pngYou will see an edit button that resembles a pen and paper, on the top banner of the results page. Screen_Shot_2017-02-09_at_7.33.07_PM.pngOnce you click the edit button, an “Edit Search” box will open. In the right-hand portion of that box, you will see a drop down menu listed under “Rooms”, from there you can change the number of rooms. 


Once you have edited the number of rooms, click “Search” to see an updated list of rooms as well as the projected overall price for the selected number of rooms. Please note that changing the number of rooms at one hotel will not change the number of hotel rooms in any other city.

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